Fire to the File Drawer: Sharing Reproducibility Data in an Online Age.

"It is entirely within the realm of possibility that the creation of a new publishing platform, focused on hosting formal replications, alongside these review style evaluations of method, would provide a new and more focused home for the type of discussion. Overall, implementing such a system would vastly improve the accessibility of research; both through providing links to peer reviewed replications which have not been filtered by the file drawer, and literally, in terms enabling an overview replication information out at a glance."

Repeatability, Reproducibility, Separative Power and Subjectivity of Different Fish Morphometric Analysis Methods

We compared the repeatability, reproducibility (intra- and inter-measurer similarity), separative power and subjectivity (measurer effect on results) of four morphometric methods frequently used in ichthyological research, the “traditional” caliper-based (TRA) and truss-network (TRU) distance methods and two geometric methods that compare landmark coordinates on the body (GMB) and scales (GMS).

Introducing ReproZip at SIGMOD

Remi Rampin and Fernando Chirigati of NYU will be presenting ReproZip at this year's SIGMOD ACM conference. ReproZip enables a researcher to create a compendium of his/her Linux experiment by automatically tracking and identifying all its required dependencies (data files, libraries, configuration files, etc.).