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Praxis of Reproducible Computational Science

Among the top challenges of reproducible computational science are the following: 1) creation, curation, usage, and publication of research software; 2) acceptance, adoption, and standardization of open-science practices; and 3) misalignment with academic incentive structures and institutional processes for career progression. I will mainly address the first two here, proposing a praxis of reproducible computational science.

Systematic reviews and evidence synthesis

While comprehensive and expert searching may be part of the traditional aspects of academic librarianship, systematic reviews also require transparency and reproducibility of search methodology. This work is supported by use of reporting guidelines and related librarian expertise. This guide provides resources that are useful to librarians assisting with systematic reviews in a broad range of disciplines outside the biomedical sciences. Because the bulk of published literature on systematic reviews is concentrated in the health sciences, some resources are subject-specific in title, but have broader applications.